Sunday, September 28, 2014

Elsa's Shoes

Am I really posting a craft post? Just one. 

My little lady is five and in the full throws of Frozen Fever and like most little lady's she is head over heals for Elsa. Do not even get me started on how Anna is clearly the more awesome sister! Thus far the little lady has totally rejected princesses, when we walk into the Disney Store and they welcome her with, "Hi Princess!" she retorts every single time with, "I am not a princess!" We watch and sing a lot of Frozen. Halloween is fast approaching and I am pretty sure we will see a billion little Elsas and maybe even some Annas and Olafs. Little lady has been asking to be a black cat since we finished trick or treating in her orange and black unicorn costume last year. This has not changed but one day with big eyes (if you know her I know you are thinking, they get bigger?) she asked for an Elsa costume, it was just after her birthday and I said maybe for Christmas.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not a Disney hater, even though they do exist. I actually really like Disney, I find Disney World when it's not crowded to be a great experience in imagination and well executed detail. OK and maybe reliving a little childhood wonder. Their children's costumes usually have exquisite details, that make even me the "never pay full price" shopper, think they could be worth the splurge. I really like detail when well done, it will always catch my attention and I appreciate it. It is perhaps the inner perfectionist in me. Now back to Elsa and her shoes. I knew that the Elsa costume is a hot item and hard to find right now because a friend was looking everywhere for a well made and accurate one for Halloween. I thought I better get ahead of the game on this one. I found a nice one on Etsy for less than the Disney Store costume, and it would be hand made. I ordered it, it's scheduled to be here this week, I can't wait to see it.

In the mean time, little lady, is as detail oriented as her mom and has been talking about how she wants Elsa's shoes and tiara. Today she even mentioned the wig. Friday the Disney Store email came out that they had a new expanded Frozen store. I went on ready to order the tiara and shoes but with the shipping those two were going to cost more than the costume! I decided to wait it out, I found a tiara that was more like the one in the movie and less expensive on ebay. I knew the stores would get the items in today, I figured it would be crowded but it was worth a shot after all it was just the shoes. I walk into the mall as they were opening, jaw drops, a black Friday like line with the employees doing the whole lets start the magic shtick, one little girl in her Elsa dress first in line. Lots of irritated looking parents with out their kids, doing probably exactly what I was there to do, tuck away a little Elsa long before the holiday rush.

I stood there a little stunned, I had to decide wait in line here and then to pay, if they had the shoes by the time I got in the store. I thought for a moment, these shoes are for dress up, she will out grow them or Elsa long before she wears them out. She loves wearing my shoes. I was not waiting in line to pay $15 for a pair of dress up shoes. I stood there and hatched a plan, MAKE SOME! That is always my plan. They won't be that jelly plastic, high heeled, or light up but really Elsa wouldn't have wanted the shoes every other ice queen was wearing anyway, her whole character is about breaking the mold.

I had just been in Kohl's where I saw some sandals on clearance, I would need blue or white. I had some left over blue tulle from the rainbow unicorn birthday that wasn't in storage. Hmmm...

Off I went to Kohl's where I was able to find two pairs of white sandals on clearance for $3.50 a pair plus I had a coupon. $6= two pairs of shoes. I could now make them for my niece who also loves Elsa. A stop at Michael's to explore, another coupon, $5 in supplies and 40 minutes later I was on my way home.

I went into "my secret workshop"


After just 40 minutes.
So there you have it for $11 I have two pairs of Elsa's shoes for my little loves this Christmas. Some of the pros I see of making them myself, aside from saving money. They are mostly tied together so when the girls out grow Elsa they will have usable flip flops. They are unique. They have real soles and the are flat, meaning they won't bust their faces when running around in them. They are a little big so they have room to grow.I have three months to fuss with them and get them just so.

I say this is an all around win. Come back December 26 for pics of them being worn.

Today I am grateful for this, all this, that is part of my life.

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