Monday, December 22, 2014

A Call Search Update

This morning our last option for some settling before the end of the year fell through. The search is near a stand still, a crawl at best. While I continue to talk with churches around the country the process is moving slowly. I am choosing to become more and more private about where I am interviewing and how often. There are a lot of feelings that come with all this that I won't discuss here. I will say this has been a great challenge for me and for my family. It has been a trying year for us, broken bones, a lost job, a pay cut, housing fiascoes, a car that just failed, health insurance nightmares. We have managed this far to make it through each challenge as it has come at us. We are resilient people, who know amazing people.

We have known for some time that after the first of the year when our rent increases as does our insurance premium there would be no way to make the ends meet. With the housing issues from the Fall making our education options for L slim to none I haven't been able to even find part time work. This week after our child who is excited beyond words about Christmas drifts off to sleep, Paul and I will face some of the most challenging decisions of our life together. It seems very likely that just after the first of the year L and I will leave our city to live with family or friends. Paul will stay here hopefully with ample couches to sleep on so we can keep our income for as long as possible. Our hearts are breaking at separating our family during this time but our options are limited.

There's one more thing I need to say tonight, something I refrained from commenting on publicly since it began. I have not turned down a single legitimate offer for a full or part time call.

Grateful today that we have options for a place to land. 


  1. I'm so sorry, dear one. It breaks my heart that pain marks this season of life for you all. Much love and prayers for you all from Texas, with a guest room if/when you need it!