Monday, December 1, 2014

Advent Giving

We are starting a new tradition this year, as we count down to Christmas morning we are reading scripture, praying, and learning songs. Little L also has something to give each day which is often a surprise, we are on day two and she is looking forward to it each day!

We made her own Advent wreath and candles from re-purposed toilet paper and paper towel tubes, with tissue paper for flames, inspired by Pinterest of course. Each night before dinner we read scripture, sing our songs, and pray. On Sunday evenings we light the candles for the coming week and read a simple child friendly litany for lighting the candles.
(If you want more details on this please let me know and I will share them.)

Here are her days of giving laid out, I invite you to join in an personalize it to your area! We made a count down chain that has the date, the theme for the week, the scripture of the day on one side and the giving of the day on the reverse side.  (If you decided to give  along with us and want more details on supplies let me know and I will flesh it out.)

Sunday: Kid Pick (she chose to work on painting for her cousin's gifts)
Monday: Shop for family gifts
Tuesday: wrap gifts
Wednesday: Make hand print cards
Thursday: Make a card for a soldier overseas. Mail gifts and cards.
Friday: Donate a hat, scarf, and gloves
Saturday: Collect food
Sunday: Kid Pick
Monday: Take friends to Lights Under Louisville. Clean van windows, make cookies and hot chocolate, bring light up necklaces.
Tuesday: Provide cards for Baptist East chaplains. (Maybe cookies too.)
Wednesday: Donate a toy to a charitable organization collecting toys
Thursday: Make dinner for our favorite neighbors/friends during finals week.
Friday: Kosair Children's Hospital, Orthopedic Emergency
Saturday: Leave quarters in the laundry room
Sunday: Kid Pick
Monday: Humane Society to visit pets and bring cat and dog food/ Make cookies
Tuesday: Put quarters in a meter/ Decorate and bag cookies
Wednesday: Deliver cookies to facilities and staff
Thursday: Cards to Veterans Hospital
Friday: Caroling
Saturday: Plan and host a game night
Sunday: Kid Pick
Monday: Center for Women and Families Gift Card Drive
Tuesday: Nursing Home Visit
Wednesday: Christmas Eve  Thank first responders with treats.

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