Thursday, January 1, 2015

Writing and the New Year

For as long as I can remember I have loved to write; it helps me to process emotions and life events. My writing changes over time as I grow. This year I have made some goals around my writing, one is to write every day because if you read books about writing its all about writing everyday. Another is to revise and edit a weakness for me, I like to get the words out and just leave them. Next is to find what it is I really want to write about, find my voice as a writer, which is why I am telling you all this, I am going to use this blog for the next year to find my voice and refine it as a writer, to test the waters of different subjects, styles and so on. I welcome your feed back. Lastly, publish, I self publish here on the blog and will try to everyday even if I only get a "shitty first draft", I borrowed that from Anne Lamott. I have a new publishing goal this year as well, to get my children's book published, all who have read it have liked it, many asking for copies when I get it published.

I have set several goals for this year more so than resolutions, I have a few carrying over from last year that needed more work. I have new way of going about reaching them this year by making sure I put time for them on my calendar. So it begins...

I am grateful today for fresh starts, new calendars, and what lies ahead.

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