Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Intentional Gratitude Returns

So my little lady is driving me bonkers today. Bonkers I tell you! So instead of coming on here to write about all the things that are driving me nuts I am going to tell you about all the super adorable things she has done lately.

Sunday night she copied me doing an entire series of hand motions.

Yesterday she squealed with joy when I let her play with a pen. (Although she did later stab me in the neck with it and shove it up my nose in a fast one two motions. I share this purely for it's comic value.)

She is starting to walk just a little on her own.

She rather enjoys tearing paper to shreds.

She tried to eat the trombone on her fun table. This was hilarious.

I never tired of watching her discover new things.

There are probably a bunch more I could list but they are slipping my mind.

I do feel much better now though. So mission accomplished!

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