Monday, December 13, 2010

Almost Christmas

So we are in Advent. This year we are taking a new approach around here and adding in some new God centered activities to our pre-Christmas routine. As we pray together as a family each day I feel God stretching me. As I read some books that are Christianity focused, I feel God stretching me each day. Possibly calling me to a life I had never imagined, one that I am not sure if I can live. That is all so new that I am not going to take the time to cover it here. It requires more prayer and processing.

I was reading about the connection of Christianity and Empire. All I could think was I wish all church history courses used this book as a text book because it would keep my interest a lot more. The other day I was behind a really nice car, that I would like to have. Somewhere from with in me I heard myself saying, you really don't need that it is nothing more than a status symbol. Hmmmm....

Today is the first possible day that I can receive a response from the school I have applied to. I woke up to their facebook feed telling me they have a snow day. I am starting to feel more and more like this might have been just another pipe dream. Maybe it isn't where I am supposed to be heading? This six week wait has been torturous.

It's finally here. A series of days that can change everything. Talk about Advent anticipation.

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