Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Personal

I was recently accepted to Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. I want share what this experience has been like. Since I have attended another seminary before I had some expectations of what the process would be like. Pretty much very professional, stern and cold. You can imagine my surprise when it was no such thing. From the moment we stepped on campus in October people learned our names, not just mine but Paul and Lilia's too. They asked insightful questions. They desired to know who we were as people and as a family. The admissions process held more of the same. It wasn't just show the way we were welcomed on the campus it seems to me that this hospitality is a way of life in Louisville, at least on the campus.

Through the entire admission process I have had personal contact with folks from the office. I have never once received an automated response. When things were missing I was sent a heads up. The office even helped me get some things straightened out with previous schools. When I was officially accepted I received a phone call to welcome me, which was then followed by a more formal letter with a personal note.

My point here is I never once felt like a statistic or a number. I felt like I was indeed a person through this whole process. I person not only mattered but is truly wanted at the school.

This is the exact opposite of my previous experience, when I felt like a number and my purpose was not to grow and learn but to make the institution look good.

I am truly looking forward to this new adventure, with new peers and new attitudes. There is a part of me that is so much more relaxed this time around.

May you one day be blessed by the feeling of not being a number!

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