Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This morning Paul and I started what I hope will be our new morning routine. I found myself frustrated that I never got in a decent yoga practice. Combine that with our previously mentioned desire to use the new Common Prayer book and a new routine was born. We got out of bed and did the couple of things that must be immediately done. Then we did a fifteen minute yoga practice. Which was challenging with Lilia running under, on and around us. I think that counts as extra work out. Then we settled on to the couch for family prayer and bible time. This felt as awkward as it sounds. Lilia of course did not want to sit still. So she ran around. I ended up "yelling" at her because she kept ripping at the pages in the book and the bible. I am pretty sure that wasn't a very Godly moment. Wish I could have been more patient with her. She did contribute to our prayers for others I am not sure who they were for, God does.

It was awkward to be just us and worshiping God in a a small way. Paul prayed that it would become less awkward. I felt awkward naming out loud those who I wanted to bring before God. I normally write those things out and I lost my place in the middle. I think though that it will get better with time. I am determined to stick with it. I don't think Paul enjoyed it as much as I did. I can tell you it felt really good to hear what Paul prayed for. It was like a whole new level of connection for me. I didn't know what was on his heart before. I liked that I got to see that.

I can tell you I feel like I am having a great morning. Maybe we will let Paul do a guest post on what he thought.

Lord I am grateful for time spent together.

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