Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why she amazes me...

Every mother thinks their own child is just the greatest I know. Some of us gush about them ad nausuem. I like to think I don't quite gush that much. So today when I was trying to come up with a good blog topic, Lilia came to mind. She isn't quite a year and a half yet but the things she has learned to do just amaze me. She has taken her time with all her milestones. In the beginningthis made me a nervous wreck. Now I have learned that she takes her time to master things but once she has them she has them.

Here are some less than typical things she does...

Fakes blowing her nose.
Fakes snoring.
Fakes laughing if everyone else is laughing.
Today she tried to plug a microphone into the appropriate port on my computer all on her own.
She plays pretend eating really well.

The list goes on and one. My point is, I am amazed on what she has picked up already. She really is a little sponge.

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