Wednesday, January 12, 2011

City Life

Last night we went to a viewing in the city. Not The City as in NYC. Kearney which is a city in NJ. I am fascinated by city life. After we departed we stopped at a Quick Check to grab something to drink for the snowy ride home. I stayed in the car and people watched. Then I noticed somethings about myself.

I like the idea of city life likely because it is so different than the way I have lived the majority of my life. I did live in a city like environment for a brief time. Cities are exciting, they offer so much more opportunity than the 'burbs. Especially if you like the arts or shopping in stores that aren't big boxes. Personally though I am always a little on edge in these areas, maybe because of the news, maybe because of unfamiliarity. I like going to them though. I didn't like living in the city, the parking was a nightmare and there are so few single family houses. Maybe this is because I grew up in single family homes with driveways.

As I looked out at the homes I wondered how many were built to be single family homes? I often wish I could see these areas as they were being built. When it meant something to be from a certain neighborhood.

The other thing I miss in the city is outdoor space that is green and some what private. I like to be outside with out having to hear other people's music or conversations. Yet I always find the city fascinating. I always want to try living there again.

Just food for thought.

May you be blessed today!

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