Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Craziness

I did something really crazy over the weekend. I happened upon some clearance Abby Cadabby birthday party supplies and bought them up. I had been thinking that an Abby party would be really cute for a two year old. What is the problem you ask? Well she isn't even 18 months yet. I know how crazy this sounds. It sounds crazy to me as well. Even for me miss get it done early so you don't have to worry about it later, this is too early. However when the receipt printed you saved $80.51 there was satisfaction in that. (It is worth mentioning I spend significantly less than I saved.) I always say it isn't saving money unless you were going to buy it anyway. So all the stuff is packed up and put away and awaiting June or July when we will have a pre-move birthday celebration with her cousins and friends. It didn't stop there I also hit up some clearance toys and put them away for birthday's coming this spring. There my total savings was something like $40. So even though it seems absurd I did it anyway.

I have to wonder if this fits into my anti-consumerism ways. Probably not other than I didn't pay full price. I have a hard time with consumerism around the holidays. I do much better the rest of the year.

I have much more I want to say this morning but I will separate the entries because there is no way to transition fluidly!

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