Thursday, January 20, 2011


I really ENJOY watching Lilia have fun. The experience of taking her to Gymboree yesterday warmed my heart, she squealed with joy (mildly embarrassing if you have ever heard it). She picked up on a few of the games. She is not shy at all. She was running to be first over and over again. This is nothing like I was. I would have clung to my mother's leg for dear life. Overall it was a great experience.

I liked it better than The Little Gym for two primary reasons, we didn't have to commit to 16-20 weeks at a time. The other was it seemed more age appropriate. So we signed up. It helped that they had a rocking discount. Also that the membership fee is a life time thing so we don't have to pay it every year.

I am looking forward to one or two mornings a week out of the house and the long nap that comes after she gets all that energy out.

Today I am grateful for these moments with her!
May you be blessed by common moments with your loves.

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