Thursday, January 6, 2011

Find a Way

I didn't wake up feeling very grateful this morning. I kind of feel as if a train ran me over in my sleep. My head feels like a snake in a can that is unopened it has so much pressure. Lilia is so incredibly whiny and every noise she makes is cutting me to the core. She seems to have some sort of personality disorder she goes from happy and playing to screaming and back in about 10 seconds. She refuses to sleep through the night. My digestive tract refused to let me sleep through the night. So I am just plain cranky, as you might have noticed. Finding the gratitude to write about is hard.

I get to leave the house with out Lilia or Paul later. There in lies my gratitude. One hour of grown up time that will undoubtedly feed my soul. I guess I should be grateful too for my Lilia who is just fine. After all I did pray for years for her. She sure does make me smile at least a few times a day. I am grateful for Paul and his willingness to be so helpful around here.

May you be blessed by finding the gratitude on the hard days.

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