Friday, January 21, 2011

For My Daughter

Dear Lilia,

Yesterday you were playing on the floor while mommy tried to watch TV. You get a little excited so I don't often hear the TV. I did catch a commercial yesterday for some sort of eyelash enhancing product. On that commercial a woman said, "I can go out now with out mascara and still feel beautiful." I hope that this was some sort of marketing farce, but I fear it wasn't. I fear that many women feel this way. If it isn't mascara it is something else.

This commercial made your Mom very sad for women who society has poisoned to think they don't have value unless they are perfect. I need you to know that this isn't true no matter what society tells you, you are beautiful and have value. Mommy has watched her friends hurt themselves to be beautiful. You will see though all of Mommy's friends are beautiful just how they are.

I thought about doing this in a video message to you with no make up and in my general sweat pants uniform. Then I realized that you will see mommy face the world at her best and at her worst every day. You will learn so much more from how I present myself and love myself than you ever will from a three minute video.

Baby Girl, our culture is going to tell you all sorts of lies, like you only have value if you are thin... likely too thin, you have to wear makeup to be pretty, you have to have the perfect boobs, behind, legs, arms and various other parts of your body, even things like having money will make you happy. Don't believe them. Culture will tell you being sexy matters, a lot... but it doesn't. What you need is a good heart with pure intentions. If you have a good and kind heart and a deep love for people, people will see your true beauty. If someone passes you by because you don't have nice eyelashes (or anything else) they aren't worth your time.

This doesn't mean never wear make up, it doesn't mean you don't have to make healthy decisions. Mommy wears makeup on special occasions and tries to dress well for them. Mommy also doesn't have the perfect body. Mommy struggles with loving her body how it is, but is making healthy decisions. That is what matters not our pants size. I hope you grow up and feel confident to go out into the world just how you are. I hope how I treat myself everyday reinforces these ideas to you everyday.

My dear Lilia Grace, it is my deepest prayer, that you will grow up to love yourself and face the world with unwavering confidence. You are beautiful and have value. You are a loved child of God. Those things have meaning, never make up or a perfect back side.

All My Love,

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