Thursday, January 13, 2011

Friendship: It's not a one way street.

It is safe to say that our lives are changing everyday. I am not sure if it is always at this pace and we just fail to notice or if because of the move life is changing at a faster pace than it normally does. Lately, one of the changes I have noticed is I am frustrated with friendships that feel one way. It's not that this frustration isn't always there some where in the background because I suspect it is, it just doesn't normally get my attention.

Maybe it is because of the move, that I am more willing to let some of these friendships go. I must say it isn't with out hurt. It hurts to say there is nothing more I can do, it's time to let this dying relationship take it's last breathes, bury it and move forward with nothing but fond memories of how great it once was. That seems to be what I find myself caught up on, I am tired of investing a lot of myself and my energy and time into a person or a relationship that is going no where. If I am the only one that ever calls or says hey lets do X or Y, then what is the point? Especially when in some cases there is always an excuse. I get that sometimes a friendship is more about one party or the other because of life circumstances, but not constantly.

So if you are reading this and we have parted ways, I am sorry, I valued you but I guess life got in the way. From now on, I am not investing in one way friendships people can call me or come up with ideas for things to do. I am at a loss other wise.

My last observation of the day, some are much easier to let go of than others.

Today I am grateful for the handful of friendships that are mutual and authentic.

May you be blessed with mutual and authentic friendships of your own.

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