Monday, January 17, 2011

Kicking into a Higher Gear

As we prepare to move this week seems to be the week where we are kicking it up a gear in our preparations. We now have weekly moving goal lists, his and hers. I don't know that I can say we are in high gear, just a higher gear than we were before. It seems that solving Lilia's sleeping problem over the weekend has inspired us to get a move on. Well maybe it's just me. Now that I know we have a safe place for her to sleep again I can think about the move in a more clear and uninterrupted way.

I try to keep lists to help with the thought process. Currently up in the air are some travel plans. Three potential trips are coming up and we have to see if we can afford them and the move among other things. We would like to go to the Wild Goose Festival in late June, we would like to spend a long weekend in a rented cabin in VT and we may potentially need to take another trip out to Louisville to get some things in order before we move our lives there. Other dominant thoughts, Lilia will have a birthday party early this year before we leave. We would like to get a few city trips in before departure. We would like to host some sort of farewell dinner or BBQ to see all our loves at once and avoid having to run around saying good bye to everyone individually.

This week's Goals are like this:
Clean out Hall Closets
Clean out Desk
Clean out Lilia's Dresser
Get moving truck quotes.
Clean out Dresser/Night Stand
Send at least 8 resumes.

Small steps towards a new life!

Today I am grateful for new opportunities.
May you be blessed with a new adventure.

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