Thursday, January 27, 2011

These Are The Moments

Folks in the North East are starting to get sick of the snow. We have been pummeled storm after storm since December 26. I tried to make the most of the latest blast this morning. Took my camera out on a date with the snow, trees and morning light. I missed the awesome pink and orange play of light on the trees as I put my boots on. It is in my head forever though.

Then we took Lilia out to play in the snow. For the first time she really played in the snow. She was digging it and throwing it. We built her first Snow Chic, who we called Laughter. She also was able to walk through the snow for the first time.
This is snow at the Jersey Shore. You just have to laugh sometimes.

Today I am incredibly grateful for these quiet moments to take pictures and even more so for these moments with Lilia.

May you be blessed with some quiet moment today and many filled with laughter.

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