Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yoga for Babies

Paul and I try to do yoga everyday. We tried in the morning for awhile but since Paul hates the morning that didn't work out so now we are doing the evening. Lilia has been watching us and I noticed the other night when we were doing some arm swings she was going along with it. So last night I didn't pen her up and she followed a long quite a bit.

I had this moment of how great is this she is mimicking something so good for her! I think from now on when I am dragging at the end of the day and resisting yoga time with everything I have, it might help that she is doing it too and copying me. What a great way for her to learn to stay fit. Something neither her mom or dad have been good at. Basically what I am saying here is by making a good choice for us, we have made a good choice for her because she is learning something that is going to be very good for her.

Is it crazy that I am thinking about buying her, her own $5 yoga mat? It will give her a space and hopefully keep her out from under us.

Today I am grateful for Lilia and her imagination and curiosity!

May you be blessed with a little imagination and curiosity of your own.

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