Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Yesterday my housing packet came in the mail along with the financial aid packet. I didn't got through them very much because Lilia was trying very hard to tear them up as they are colorful paper. We have to choose our move in date... we can't decide Mid July or Early August. We are leaning towards early August which would complicate Lilia's birthday just a little seeing as we will only be in our new home for about 4 days when she has her birthday and we would want to make that day really special for her. I am planning on having a party before the move to celebrate with family and friends.

It is becoming very real. The past week or so we haven't done much move related. Now it's back in the foreground and my heart is beating a little faster. Now if we could just settle on when to move. It would be really good to have the date.

May you be blessed today with a new adventure.
Today I am grateful for this new chapter in our lives.

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