Thursday, February 17, 2011

For Real?

I found this magazine on our dining room table the other day. Originally I thought it had been sent to us because we have done a lot of church media. Then I learned Paul's boss had sent it because they are are looking to break into that market.

I have to be honest. A few years ago this would have made me jump out of my skin. I probably would have subscribed. I once tried to apply for a Media Director job at a church in Ohio. Then I read the personal conduct policy and decided that it really wasn't the job for me. I personally believe a single woman can be alone in a room with a male and have an entire conversation with out falling in lust or jumping his bones. I digress.

Right now though the idea that this magazine exists makes my stomach turn a little. While I believe that media in church is a good thing. Trust me I do not even take a bulletin now, those follow along projected slides are easy to follow and Lilia can't rip them to shreds. However when your whole church experience, meaning worship time, becomes about production I draw the line. Production is entertainment. Worship isn't about being entertained by some Jesus music and skits. It isn't about fancy lighting or live switching video or pricey high end microphones. It is about connecting with God and others. While I think all of these things can have a place in worship I don' think they should take the place of worship. It is a delicate balance.

I was intrigued by the Easter Pageant Nightmare story to me any Pageant is a nightmare. What I found most interesting was this was not an article geared towards production minded people. It was for people who volunteer on the media team. I know this because one of the several points was to know the difference between a cut and a fade. Yikes!

It is when I see this stuff I am most disappointed in church. I feel myself shying away from anything that looks like church and longing for a small intimate community in which to share life and spread joy.


Today I am grateful because I see how much I have grown.
May you be blessed in seeing where you have been and who you have become.

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