Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oh to Remember

Last night I happened upon the page of my major high school crush on a social networking site. I didn't go looking for it. He commented on the page of a mutual friend. This the first boy I pictured my life with, mind you we never dated, we were "friends" more like acquaintances then. He used to drive me home from school once in awhile. My heart would race just sitting next to him the whole 3/4 mile journey. My girl friends would give me advice. One even told me how he used to check out my behind every morning at my locker. Which at the time I saw as a good thing, now I would probably hit him.

Eventually I agreed to let someone tell him I liked him. It didn't go well at all. It was the first time I ever did something like that and now I think it would have been much better to say something myself. Anyhow, he asked out one of my closest friends two weeks later. She called me hysterical. I wasn't upset with her. He and I though we stopped talking. We kind of faded into all things high school past. We called each other names as we went our separate ways. I should mention a year later when we crossed paths again, he did apologize, which I thought was kind of him.

I have often wondered I wonder how his life turned out? (As I do with many people.) So being able to see parts of his social networking page was interesting. Here's what I can tell you, there is a Garth Brooks song called Unanswered Prayers. It is basically about how sometimes he thanks God for unanswered prayers. One line in the song is how he and his wife ran into his high school girlfriend and how he is really glad his life turned out other than how he wanted it too then.

It has been playing in my head since. I had a good laugh at myself last night and those silly times that seemed so important then, that now are such an insignificant blip on the radar screen. In case you are curious I didn't add him to my network. I didn't see the point.

Today I am very grateful for how my life has turned out. I didn't know it then but the right boy for me was there all along on the other side of my locker. This coming Monday will mark 14 years since Paul asked me to "be his girlfriend". I am kind of glad I said yes. ;-) I didn't know it then but that little rejection was leading me to love and really eventually my baby girl. Oh hind site how lovely you are!

May you be blessed today by laughing at yourself, especially your former self!

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