Sunday, February 13, 2011

Perfect Saturday

Yesterday we took Miss Lilia Grace to the Sesame Place, My Fuzzy Valentine Lunch. We debated this for a while because it was really a stretch on our budget. However it was worth the skimping in other areas. We had a blast seeing all her Sesame Street friends. We ate and danced and took tons of pictures.

Some of our friends had joined us and they lived close by so we went back to their house and just hung out for the afternoon and evening. Later more friends joined us. We hung out and ate pizza, played with the babies and played X box Kinect.

It was everything a Saturday should be. I didn't clean anything, I wasn't worried about a mile long to do list. I was just present enjoying my family. Enjoying time with friends. Well worth it. I feel so refreshed.

I am so grateful for the time to do this with Lilia.
May you be blessed by a day like our yesterday!

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