Wednesday, February 9, 2011


At Lilia's check up the Dr. asked us how many words or phrases she was saying. This question caught us off guard. If I had to guess off hand I would say ten. Our fumbling answer led us to listing the phrases she says and understands. We stopped at 7 because that is what he was looking for and all day we came up with more stuff that she says.

What caught my attention was 3 of the things Lilia says regularly are Thank You, Welcome and Good Job. I knew she said these things all the time but when I spoke them in the Doctor's office I realized how awesome that is. I think for now I am claiming a victory for team Mom and Dad. To me it is proof positive that we are doing something right. It showed me what words she hears often. Now while I know this isn't an over all parenting victory and that likely we will fail miserably in some other place, here I am taking pride in this moment where as my daughter learns to speak her words are sweet, kind and polite.

I know this doesn't mean she won't ever scream profanity in the middle of some public situation but for now I am happy. I know that we are teaching her well. It is good to get to harvest some of those early seeds that have been planted.

I can't believe how much she absorbs. The doing yoga with us, imitating me with my weights, our words, our movements, our tones. It really keeps me in check. I know what she becomes will be exactly what I have taught her to be through my actions. It is hard work, I have to tame my reactions, I fall short sometimes. It is worth it!

Today I am grateful for tangible results.
May you be blessed with a moment of simple pride in your family today.

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  1. way to go becca you should be proud-children learn what they live. Yours is learning gratitude and grace and to praise others!!!