Saturday, February 19, 2011

Radio Waves

I am going to go all science geek on you today. I have a little clock radio in my kitchen that I listen to in the morning while I get some chores done. We have almost always had a radio in the kitchen. Lately though no matter what radio I try it is nearly impossible to tune in a station with out bleeding over or just plain old interference. Now when I was a child I could tune in stations from both NYC and Philadelphia on my radio. Now I can barely tune one in that is just 30 miles away. So what has changed?

That is what I started thinking the other day. Then it occurred to me. Our cell phones and all of our wireless gadgets work on radio waves just a different part of the spectrum. If we could see them I am pretty sure we are in a constant state of bombarding our bodies with radio waves and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Could it be with so much new technology that makes used of the radio wave spectrum, that it is interfering with my radio reception? I ran it past Paul who firmed up my thoughts on radio waves, I had to make sure I wasn't wrong in saying all our wireless stuff uses the same sort of waves. (Save your remote that is infrared.)

We came to a conclusion, while your cell phone or wireless internet won't actually interfere with you radio because they read different wave lengths, it could be that the The air is so full of radio waves on frequencies that weren't being used before that our little radios are having a hard time tuning in any one station with out interference. Do you follow?

I wonder if I should send this one into the Mythbusters or if they have already done it.


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