Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Too Much TV for Me.

I have watched way too much TV lately. More than anyone should admit to. A side affect of a cold and snowy winter. Well maybe not having my car contributes a little too.

Last night I made use of the DVR I was asleep by 8:30. I recorded new episodes of both Cake Boss and 19 Kids and Counting. I am a TLC junkie what can I say.

First up was Cake Boss. I really like this show. I am not sure if I am just waxing poetic because I am leaving soon, but I feel like it is the most accurate portrayal of New Jersey on reality TV. It embodies the large Italian Catholic families that make up a lot of NJ. As the title suggests with Boss... it's like a lighter version of the mob meets cake. However I highly doubt there is any actual mob involvement, but it is the stereo type of anyone Italian around here, thank you Tony Soprano.

They had this big family gathering to announce the pregnancy of their fourth child. I longed for my own childhood when our large family got together much more often. I used to see cousins on a regular basis. I was mildly sad that Lilia will not know that. It lead me on a path of strange reflection about having a large family. I am not sure how many if any siblings Lilia will have. I always thought I would have a gaggle of children but now I am not so sure. I think this is one of the strengths of the large family, the value put on family spending time together. I am not sure it should be forced but the desire to be together is nice.

The next observation was that Buddy and his wife are just a few years older than me. They have a stellar home. He has his hands full with a fourth baby on the way, a book and now three TLC shows. Yet they seem really established. I started wondering if that life could satisfy me, house, kids and all that goes with it. I am not sure it could, I am kind of a free spirit but I must tell you there is something alluring about the American Dream.

I doubt it could satisfy me yet in that moment I longed for the security of that life. The being established enough that you can just throw a random party with out budget concerns. I don't often long for material things including money. However... in that moment I found myself yearning for more financial security.

I can tell you that this was probably fueled by my wanting to throw Lilia a huge whole family all the cousins included birthday party before we leave. Something I knew well as a kid. It could also provide a way for us to see everyone before we go. However it likely won't happen. Not with all the money we need to save between now and then.

Next up a very general observation of the Duggars, they do not send their kids to public school but do encourage them to hold public office. I found that of interest. However their large family dynamic will continue to fascinate me.

Last up the Oprah show today. Her staff went vegan for a week. I am not sure that the vegan life style is for me. However I can tell you that I am back to a full vegetarian diet. We also are going to have one day a week vegan in our house. This is content for a whole different entry, but we should care where our food comes from.

I am grateful for the chance to learn in any capacity.
May you be blessed with education of some form!

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