Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Technology Bridging the Gap

One of my closest friends is expecting her first child this summer. Right as she and her husband relocate about half way across the world. They are relocating just a month before us. As it turns out due to a variety of reasons she will not be having a baby shower. She seemed to be ok with this, but I wasn't. Maybe it's just because I like to party or because she and I share a hormone disorder which means we faced many of the same challenges in pregnancy. I am over the moon with excitement to see her welcome a little one. We currently live about 10 hours apart by car. Our bank accounts would not be able to bridge our geographical gap before she moves.

I was really bummed when I realized I wouldn't see her mid pregnancy and get to rub her baby belly. I had planned on bringing her cupcakes and some gifts and having a baby shower with both couples and our daughter. Simple, special and a way of honoring both mom to be and her tiny blessing.

I resigned to sending her a few gifts and some cookies. Cookies because I know how to ship them and I happen to know she likes them, since we usually share some at Christmas time. A sort of baby shower in a box. Then I took that idea and I ran with it. I was going to give you a whole how to but it seems irrelevant to this particular post. (If you want the details you can leave a comment and we'll talk)

After confusing my friend a whole lot with tons of questions that seemed strange and contacting her husband, mother and a few friends to get some baby stat guesses I shipped out a box full of baby love with everything needed to have a baby shower for two. I also uploaded a video explaining all that was in the box. I mentioned in that video that thank you cards are great but I would much prefer a few pictures of them enjoying their baby shower in a box.

We ended up skyping through the whole box. It was a fantastic time! I was so happy to see them enjoying some treats and having fun! I was glad that they enjoyed their time and I was able to see on their faces how they felt. I set out to make them feel special and loved. Technology helped me see that I succeeded. It helped me to see things I wouldn't have seen ten years ago.

I sat back in amazement, feeling content.

So is it any surprise that today I am grateful for technology that bridged the gap our bank accounts couldn't? I think not!

May you be blessed today with technology bringing you closer to real live people whom you love!

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