Monday, May 9, 2011


Last week I had the chance to spend an evening at my Alma Matter for an enrichment lecture. The department from which I graduated, can you believe 5 years ago, has lectures a few times each semester which we are encouraged to come back for. I made the hour and a half trek up to the school. I was kind of taken back by all that I felt as I arrived on campus. I haven't been there probably in the past two years. The entrance to the campus looked amazing with thousands of red and white tulips in bloom. Then as I walked around campus I noticed how much other parts of the campus had been let go, surely a sign of the economic times. I was happy to be there none the less.

I made my way into the lecture hall. I quickly realized that none of my friends or professors were there. I was bummed to say the least. I was hoping to catch up with a few of them before I moved. Then the lecture started and the first speaker bored me to tears. The second speaker I enjoyed much more.

Then suddenly all of my nervousness about starting school full time again this fall just melted away. I became so excited about it. I really enjoy academic settings. I know when I am knee deep in readings and papers I might not feel this way but for right now I am so looking forward to my first week back in the classroom!

I am so grateful for the moments when I know who I am.
May you be blessed today by some passionate experience and some sunshine at least for those of us in the North East.

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