Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You Don't Want to Read This

Here it is fair warning, this is one of those entries that you don't want to read it will be full of TMI (too much information).

We are twelve days out from moving 12 hours away from just about everything and everyone we know. This would be an utterly stressful time for anyone. Yesterday yet another car repair became needed on the car we need to sell. Fantastic. There goes an entire afternoon of move prep. The truth is I feel like am doing it all because Paul keeps getting pulled away. Then you add in that I lost a week when the baby was sick.

Then Aunt Flow arrived at my door, draining every last ounce of energy I have. All I want to do is sleep and take massive amounts of Advil attempting in vain to tame my uterus. My period drains me of more than - well you know.

Paul asked me yesterday if I was nervous about going back to school and my response was oh right school, I haven't thought about it much.

Today I am grateful that even though I am being completely depleted of energy my cycle is normal with out medication.
Be Blessed.

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