Tuesday, February 28, 2012

15 years

Fifteen years ago today on a rainy Friday night while watching 20/20 with me, Paul asked me, "Beck, would you be my girlfriend?" I reply, "Mmmmmhhhhmmmm." I was 16 he was 17 we had no idea all the life we would live together or that we would create life. We were just kids watching TV. The journey hasn't always been heart and butterflies. There are challenges and joys but they are ours together. We are older now, we might be slightly wiser but I am still not sure we know what life will bring. Here is to another 15 years of living life together. Gulp... that would be 30 years something my mind can't get around this early in the morning as it is just about a life time for me.

Today I am grateful for all the moments together over 15 years, good and bad for they created the us we are today.

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