Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Friendship, Love & Loss

Yesterday for the first time I felt a sense of really feeling terrible I couldn't be with my friends at home. They lost someone who was dear to them and I am here hundreds of miles away and we aren't sharing life together. That's when I got to thinking about friendship. Friendship is wanting to share life with someone, the good, the bad and the down right ugly. In that moment of their hurt I wanted so badly to be with them. We have shared years of life together, the good and the bad. Since moving our relationships from home have been weird, it's hard to navigate friendships from this far away. Yesterday I knew this friendship ran deep because I was sad I wasn't there to share life with them even if it wasn't a good time that was being had. Sharing life together, that is what we do.

Yesterday someone lost the love of their life far too soon and if that wasn't bad enough it was on Valentine's Day. That is just super shitty. For the rest of their life they are going to have love shoved in their face every February. That's not going to be easy.

I realized Paul and I we are the lucky ones, we are getting to live our lives together, to raise our daughter, to share in so much good and bad. We are friends, we are lovers. We are privileged to just be. I know that at any moment of any day that can be snatched away from us by this thing we call fate, the universe or God. Sometimes this marriage business is really hard work, sometimes its frustrating but this morning I can say it's worth it. We are the lucky ones who get to hold each other.

Today I am grateful for friendship and the gift of the time I have with my family. 

May you be blessed by the ones you love, the ones you share life with.

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