Tuesday, February 7, 2012


We have started the preschool hunt. It is overwhelming. Not only is our baby going to go to preschool in the Fall, we have to find the school that works for our family. I feel like I am out of sorts being in a different state, having cared for many children I have picked kids up from many a preschool in our previous state. I also worked in one from time to time. Here's the problem I am running into, first is all the schools here go to five days a week for 3 year olds. I am used to 3 days a week for kids of that age. I am not sure how I feel about five days a week. Also all of the classrooms seem really small to me. I am not sure if regulations are just different here but they seem like they are half the size of the classrooms I am used to.

I think I am hung up on the 5 day a week programs because it would make my life so much easier but it would compromise what I want for our daughter. If I send her 5 days a week and my life gets easier, it feels like a cop out. At least all the programs are half days. I kind of feel too like she has the rest of her life to have the 5-day-a-week grind, do I want to rush her into it?

If all goes as planned I will see two more schools today that offer 3 day programs, hopefully I will find something that makes us all super happy and comfortable. Affordable wouldn't be so bad either!

Today I am grateful for the time I have had at home raising my daughter.

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