Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Relationships and Loneliness

Introvert: Guilty as charged. I am highly introverted which means I thrive on my quiet alone time that I spend re-centering. The danger in this is sometimes I slip too far into the interior space of my head and heart. Sometimes I have to make myself just step out side, walk around the block, inhale the fresh air and remember there is more to the world than what is inside my head. This is particularly challenging in my current context because it is some what isolating living on the the plains. I live in a well populated area but I still do not have access to some of the things that give me life. The winters are long and cold leaving us in the house often. I have an amazing congregation and I am starting to find peers and friends. One thing that is lacking, which takes time, is those couple of people you just jive with. I did not realize how lonely I was becoming as I have felt rather isolated.

This week I talked to many people I love dearly, whom I cherish a sacred closeness with, and I have felt fed and loved. I noted this, that I need to be more intentional about connecting with people who help me remember I am alive, pulsing, breathing, human, life! Phone calls are amazing but currently I have a long time friend visiting one who gets what it is like to take the path in life that leads to living in places one never anticipated, one who gets the challenges of motherhood, emotions, life. How good it is to have girl chat with all the needed history already in place, no explaining needed.

Today I am grateful that I recognized the loneliness even if it took connection to notice it. I am grateful for relationships that challenge me and feed me.

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