Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Johnny Rocket's & Trusting Your Gut

On Saturday, Paul and I stopped for lunch at Johnny Rocket's in the Monmouth Mall. It was kind of a splurge on lunch for us. Also a good way to avoid the food court. I am not going to lie their Orange Dreamsicle shake sign didn't hurt.

I was immediately unimpressed with our server. I just in my gut didn't like the way she looked at me. I did not comment on this or think much about it. We ate, felt rather duped by the way our order was taken. We order burgers, and the waitress asked fries or onion rings and I thought oh I don't know. She responded we can do half and half. Sure that works Paul ordered the same. Well guess what they didn't come with the meal and we dropped $6 on those sides. We could have lived with out them, or simply shared one plate full. We paid and left kind of unimpressed and annoyed.

You can imagine our frustration this morning when we noticed we were over charged a full $10 on our bill? Paul called to fix the situation. After I swore I would never patronize the establishment again. Much to his surprise at 9 am before the mall was open the General Manager answered the phone. He graciously took care of the billing error. Then explained that our waitress had been arrested for credit card fraud. He refunded our entire tip.

Now some thoughts, actually I feel that they should have refunded the whole purchase. Or at the very least offered an I am sorry gift certificate. In the end though at least the situation was fixed. Next thought I should have trusted my gut and paid with cash. I will no longer use my credit card or bank card for restaurant purchases. This was the third time we have had a billing problem.

Most shocking to me, we were the only people who had called about this problem. People seriously don't check their statements? Now we also need to call the detective who is handling the case. Our receipt is now evidence! I am thinking this is all pretty crazy.

Last thought, why didn't I trust my gut. I knew from the moment I saw our waitress that I didn't like her. We tipped generously as well! We also do. I wonder what made her think we would be good "victims"?

Then I have to take just a moment to wonder what was her motivation? Is she a sociopath? Just greedy? Does she have a little kid at home she is struggling to take care of? None of those thoughts justify the action, but I have to wonder which it was.

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