Friday, November 26, 2010

Oh Boy

One last Thanksgiving thought, there was also a Thanksgiving were my cousin was in labor the night before and my mom was so anxious we stayed up all night and set the table. That was 21 years ago! Can you believe that?

Now on to "Black Friday" thoughts. I shop on black Friday. Only for items that I would buy anyway. Really you aren't saving money if you go out to buy some movies and come home with a TV you didn't need. I try my hardest not to fall into the traps of the day you know when you feel like you have to buy it because it is a good price.

Last night Paul and I ventured out to our local Toys R Us. They were opening at 10 pm and I wanted to pick up some wrapping paper that wasn't on sale. Also some books for gifts. I didn't feel the need to stand online for these items. So we headed out around 10. Much to our surprise there was still a line when we got there around 10:30. This was no small line. This line wrapped around the store and all along the fronts of all the other stores there. This line easily had a couple THOUSAND people on it! So we did what anyone would do, first I said um yeah I am not waiting on that line to spend $12. Then we parked the car and people watched for a good hour. We made up stories and wondered what the deal was they were after.

Then I had a serious thought, What would Jesus think of all of this if he saw what the celebration of his birth has done to people? This was crazed consumerism at its best which is really humanity's worst. Blindly grabbing at deals to teach the children stuff can make them happy because we believe stuff will make us happy. This was a sobering thought. I myself was there to be a part of this crazed consumerism.

Although I wasn't looking for much. We ventured across the street to the mall napped in the car and went in a midnight for a few things. It was craziness all around. Luckily I knew exactly what I was looking for and got in and out with out lines. I steered clear of stores with any sort of electronic door buster that was bound to make people loose their minds. We headed home because the other stores I was looking to shop at weren't open. We slept a little headed back out took our time and managed for the most part to avoid crowds. Then we stood in line way too long to pay for a picture frame and I snapped at the woman trying to get me to save an extra 15% by opening a charge card. Really lady, I just stood here 20 minutes to buy a $7 frame. I do not need to wait another 20 minutes to save another $1. Then I knew it was time to go home because I was turning into one of those women I wanted to smack.

So it's true I got caught up in the consumerism of the day. I think God might be slightly disappointed.

Now on to the next project, what charitable project shall I partake in this Christmas?

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  1. becca you made us all laugh
    thank you so much for sharing

    and in terms of charity- GIVE TO THE FAMINE