Friday, November 5, 2010

Paul and Peanut Butter

My dear Paul loves peanut butter. He probably eats it once a day. We buy the jumbo two packs from Costco because he goes through it quickly. He likes to put it on toast, crackers and once in a while I catch him just eating a little spoonful of it. Sometimes I hear him and I yell from the other room stop snitching the peanut butter. It has become kind of a joke around here. I tell him he is going to give some one with a peanut allergy a reaction because it is going to come out of his pores soon.

Anyhow what I find more amusing than his actual peanut butter consumption is how precise he is with taking it out of the jar. I took some pictures which hardly to it justice but you will get the idea. As you can see there is clearly no peanut butter waste in our house!

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