Monday, November 29, 2010

A thought from my reading...

I have been reading Shane Claiborne's Jesus for President. This is a wonderful read and really challenges those of us who have a deep Christian faith. The title is misleading, as you might have guessed if you are familiar with Claiborne's work. Anyhow, this morning I was reading and a thought struck me so powerfully that if it wasn't a library book I would have highlighted it. So here it is in a horribly butchered from my memory version.

The kingdom of God is all about love. Acting in love at all times in small ways. I knew this but it changed something for me. I am very justice oriented in my life and faith. That grows from love, I didn't really connect that before. I know this radical idea of loving each other is a stretch. I think Jesus and Shane are onto something here. If we could remember to love, it would be a better world.

I wish I had read this before I sent my LPTS application. It would have made for some wonderful quoting. The topic of my essay was working together towards a common goal rather than letting "issues" tear us apart as a church. Just showing love for the other, would have worked quite well.

These books always challenge me to go deeper and I am thankful for that. I feel as if I am reading the writing of a close friend even though we have never met. That is blessing at it's best.

May you be blessed by being loved and loving today!

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