Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Extreme Couponing

So lately there is this phenomenon of extreme couponing sweeping the nation. It is gaining a lot of public attention now, but it started awhile ago. At least a few years ago. There is a show coming out on TLC about it. I am interested in this because I like to save a buck where I can. I used coupons a lot in stores that e-mail or mail them to you.

Last week I was behind such a person in Target. She warned me that she had a ton of coupons and I might want to switch lines. I did not however, I couldn't let my inner sociologist miss this chance to learn. I also didn't think she meant she had a coupon or two for every single item she was buying. So we struck up a conversation. I learned about where to get the coupons, how she keeps organized, matching a coupon up with a sales flyer or gets them doubled. It wasn't a ton of new information for me.

I have never gotten into the coupon thing. I use some here and there. However I always say you aren't saving anything if you are buying stuff you wouldn't have bought with out the coupon.

Then it hit me why this strategy doesn't work for me. It is predominately a grocery thing. People save money on name brand things like Cheerios and Oreos. The thing is the way I prepare our meals I used mostly whole foods. I buy very little that comes in a package. How often do you get a coupon for fresh broccoli or chicken or cheese? I do buy some prepared foods but not many. Maybe that is why super couponing hasn't worked for me. I know you can save a bundle on things like toiletries and household cleaning products. I haven't been able to find those coupons.

If you are a super coupon mom... good for you. I don't think it's for me. I saw an interview that said someone could spend as many as 6 hours getting ready for a shopping trip. I barely have the hour free to shop let alone do that much prep work.

May you be blessed today with making healthy choices for your family.
I am grateful for my little lady today.

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