Thursday, March 3, 2011

Feeling Official

This week we sent in our housing deposits along with all the housing paperwork. Next week I will be able to complete my financial aid paper work. It was starting to sink in just a little. Then while out running errands yesterday I passed a display of seeds. Something I would normally start growing in my kitchen window very soon. I started to look at them and then remembered I am not planting a garden this year because I won't be living here when it's time to harvest. Oh boy!

This has gone beyond sinking in. This is happening. This is official. This is REAL.

Those are some scary thoughts. They are also exciting. It is just a matter of when you catch me. Usually it's a mix. This week I have felt a lot of anxiety thinking about how much I have to do and second guessing my decision to go back to school at all. There is fear in those thoughts. Actually they are likely driven by the fear. However some of it is just plain overwhelming when I think of all that needs to get done.

It hasn't helped that our sweet Lilia is in a place where she can't be left alone for even a minute because she does crazy things. Our productivity level is cut in half.

Well here we are on this crazy adventure. I think this blog will be taking a turn towards many thoughts on moving and then probably settling in. I am glad you all are on the journey with me. Until we leave, even with all the hullabaloo of packing and prepping, I'm trying to live life pretty normally.

Today I am grateful for being able to honestly feel these feelings.
May you be blessed with some freedom of your own.

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