Thursday, March 31, 2011

How Does God Speak?

I know that blogging twice a day breaks some sort of blogging protocol. I know there are all sorts of blogging rules I break if you want to get noticed. Let's be honest part of you (and me) does. I would love it if someone happened upon my blog and randomly offered me a book deal. I would love it a lot. Of course it would probably involve deadlines, which if you read my last post you know I really suck at. I also think I am a little late in the game for have a blog and get a book a deal, then a movie deal. Then a following. It isn't happening now. Publishing has moved past that.

So I am not concerned. Here it is my second blog post for the day. In all it's protocol breaking, sloppy blogging, misspelled and grammatical nightmare glory!

I have been reading.

A Lot.

I finished 3 books in just under 10 days.

This is not normal for me.

It took me a year to read Anna Karenina.

I renew my library books several times. Usually because I take out 3 at a time.

I am a slow reader.

In my defense I usually read some heady stuff. I rarely pick up fiction although I do like it. I just usually find myself more interested in something else.

All that being said. I find myself once again resonating with the ideas in these books. I like how they are presented. However there is a part of me that feels like for me there is still something missing somewhere. Not in the books but in me. Like I still haven't quite found my niche in the Christian community. I really don't have much more to say about that, other than I take comfort in knowing that God is in it. I suspect that all this praying I have been doing for clarity in call may have lead to God telling me something in this reading. I am just not sure what yet.


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  1. nope good luck with that. This week i took a test "you might be a universalist if" kind of test. If you find where you fit let me know as I might follow lol.