Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy News

Yesterday my eldest niece called to tell me she is getting married. I will admit I was a little surprised! However I am really happy for her. I had some quick doubts but I hushed them. I have decided that instead of being the jaded cynic, I am going to be joyous and supportive. Besides, what do we know of someone else's love? Nothing because we aren't a part of it.

If by some small chance you are reading this and you know all those involved, here is your fair warning, save your judgement and cynicism. I think unfortunately because of her age, she is going to get a lot of crap from people who have no business in her business. This is something I have been noticing a lot about people lately and in my tell it like it is spirit, I am going to let them know when they are crossing the line.

I am exhausted by the negativity some people have towards, well everyone but themselves, which really just screams of insecurity.

Today I am grateful, that although rocky at times my relationship with my niece is solid. So much so that I was called right away when she wanted to gush about the happy news.

May you be blessed with some authentic relationship of your own.

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