Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I would like to say that the British Royal Wedding doesn't seem news worthy to me. I get kind of annoyed that it takes up a good portion of any news program these days. I saw last night that people are camping out on the streets for days just to have a good spot to see the princess to be pass by. That seems a little crazy to me. I also can't imagine people camping out to see my wedding party drive past. Talk about pressure! The whole world wants a piece of your wedding. I wonder if it goes to your head?

On the other hand, how cool is it that Kate Middleton is marrying a prince? Who didn't spend at least five minutes of their childhood thinking that they would marry a prince? I wouldn't be a good royal and as an American I don't know if I would even be allowed to. It is however cool to see a commoner marry a prince in that there is still a part of me that believes in fairy tales sort of way.

Today I am grateful for a sense of humor.
May you be blessed with laughter today.

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