Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Randomness

Good Morning Blog-O-Sphere!

I have a random smattering of thoughts for you this morning.

1. Last night I discovered that a deadline for a writing piece was changed to next month. I was so happy. I really wanted to submit a piece to this publication but with my first job in two years being today, I haven't had time to really bang out a well refined piece of writing.

2. I am working on a little something called a baby shower in a box. That's all I can say but I will post a step by step guide when I finish. I am having entirely too much fun with this. My ideas seem endless.

3. I was creeping on facebook last night when in my news feed popped up a status message. It said that this person's kid had seen a person begging for change and said he should get a job we shouldn't give him out money. I think the kid is all of 6. It gets better the parent posted, I am so proud! Really? Really? Selfishness and the lack of compassion might just be the most disturbing thing to me. I just wanted to scream! The long and short of it though is that if Lilia said that I would cry. The whole thing makes me really sad. I didn't try to engage said person, it's pointless. Hope they are never homeless, because if I see them begging on the side of the road I am going to yell out the window get a job you bum! I don't know, people think I am naive because I don't live in a place where homelessness is right in front of me everyday, although it is here. If you read here regularly you know that I struggle with how I react to homeless people. That all being said, the drunks, druggies and prostitutes all are human and have stories. No one sets out to live on the street. In this economy, I bet there are people with no addiction issues or mental illness that have been driven to the street. Have a little compassion would you! When I see stuff like this I think about how if I had all the power for just one day, that homeless dude would live this person's life and they would live his.

I am after all the girl who felt incredible guilt using five pounds of rice as a weight in centerpieces that I wouldn't be able to reuse because it was full of glitter. That would be a lot of meals for some African homes.

Today I am grateful for work and that extended deadline. Also that even in this hard world, that my sense of compassion hasn't been hardened like a rock.
May you be blessed by some small act of compassion.

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