Monday, August 16, 2010


So I am reading this book called The Sociopath Next Door it is an excellent read! If you like psychology I would recommend it. I happened upon it after reading a novel entitled One September Morning. Which I would highly recommend as I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It is not something I would normally pick up but it called to me. When I finished I was reading notes in the back about research for some of the characters and this book was referenced. I thought it sounded interesting so I found it at the library. So now that's two books I wouldn't have read. Isn't it great what happens when you open yourself up to something. Anyhow, yesterday I found myself on a bit of a reading binge.

The author quote's Emerson as saying death is the kindest way to loose a person. This captured me and made me want to read Emerson. I don't even know what Emerson is famous for writing. I just recognize the name. I recently said to Paul, I can deal with death. I understand that kind of loss. It is by far much harder to have someone you love so dearly so close by but be forbidden to see them or know them in spite of your deep love and good intentions.

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